A bridal shower lunch -- 09/06/02

A bridal shower?

A woman in my department is getting married later this month and we took her out for lunch today to celebrate. As the party cake was being sliced and passed around, one of the guys at the lunch got a call on his cell phone and the call went something like this: "Hi. Well, I'm at a bridal shower.... Yeah, I said a bridal shower.... No, I'm not joking... no, I really am at a bridal shower"... etc. (So naturally some of us tried to help him out by calling out "Hey, Frank, hurry up! It's your turn for the lap dance!"

One of the guys had his digital camera with him and took some pictures of the party, which he then emailed to all of us. I took one of them and trimmed it down to fit here (you wouldn't really want to wait for a 400 kb .jpg file to download... besides, you don't know any of the other people who had been in the picture).

Hmmm, looks like I need a haircut. I mean, if I'm not going to grow it long enough to wear in a ponytail, I should probably keep it less shaggy. (Besides, as far as the ponytail goes, been there, done that.)

Just look at all of that grey. The whole beard is almost all white... and a touch of grey at the temple is supposed to give a distinguished look, but this is getting ridiculous. (Distinquished or extinguished?)

Here's a picture of the cake, baked and decorated by one of my co-workers (and best friend of the bride-to-be). I've reduced the picture a bit, but I think you can still see that the bride is keeping the groom from running away by holding on to the tail of his tuxedo. (Yes, the groom-to-be is named John.)

It's around ten o'clock at night, my sinuses are bothering me, the living room is filled with channel-surfing teenagers... I think I'm going to post this entry and go upstairs to see if I can read for a little while before I fall asleep.

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