Kingston Station -- 08/18/02

I have a 35mm camera -- a Konica I've had since the late 1970's -- that I like very much but which I have not used in ages.
I had started using those plastic and cardboard single-use cameras on trips, because they are so easy to stuff into a pocket and because then I wouldn't have to worry about loss or damage to my Konica. But then I seemed to use those disposable cameras all the time... So today I happened to notice my Konica and I got to thinking about using it, maybe taking some pictures on the bike path... and I discovered that there was film in it.

I couldn't remember the last time I had used that camera. I knew that I had used it at Jennifer's high school graduation (June, 2000) because I had used my 400mm telephoto lens that day. So I finished off the roll of film taking pictures of Tiger...

sprawled on the floor, trying to catch a breeze coming in the door. I also discovered another roll of film in a desk drawer that had been there for some unknown length of time.

I bought some film and rode down the bike path to the train station, took a few pictures around the station -- fully restored to its Victorian era splendor --

Arnold Lumber Co. has a large complex of buildings -- warehouses and commercial lumber and hardware sales -- originally located there because of freight shipments. The wall of one of their buildings has a huge mural painted on it, depicting giant-sized construction workers. I do not know the story behind the mural, but it is quite a striking sight that often catches the attention of visitors getting off a train -- so I took a few shots of their buildings...

and then I rode back along the bike path, snapping pictures here and there... well, enough picture taking that I had used up the entire roll before I even reached the two mile marker on the bike path.

I dropped the film off to be processed -- one hour photo at CVS -- and retrieved the above pictures. The roll of film in camera dated back to spring of last year -- 2001 -- with pictures of Jennifer about to go to a Narragansett High School prom and pictures of her 19th birthday (a cake with Power Puff Girls on it). The roll of film I'd found in the drawer turned out to be even older -- spring of 2000 -- with pictures of Jennifer and her friends about to leave for the South Kingstown High School prom.

So... sometime in the next few days you may find a South Kingstown Bike Path entry, complete with photographs.

Almost a week since my last entry. Yeah, it's been a busy week. On Wednesday night Nancy and I drove up to Providence to see Jennier's apartment (actually Nancy had seen it briefly two days earlier) and then to all go out to dinner and to see a play. Her apartment is in an interesting area, near to both Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, so the neighborhood has a lot of students. She is sharing a small attic apartment in an old but well maintained building... old, but not as old as some in that area... probably late 19th century, but there are houses dating to the 1840's nearby. We had dinner in one of the Indian restaurants on that side of town, then drove down to Warren to the Second Story Theatre. The cast, as usual, was quite talented, but I didn't think that the three one-act plays they presented were as good as the ones they performed a few weeks ago. It was an added treat for me, however, to get to see a friend from work performing in the middle play.

After the play we dropped Jennifer off at her apartment and drove home. Somewhere areound two or three a.m. we heard our front door open... Jennifer came in... her housemate's girlfriend was leaving for college the next day and she decided to let them have the apartment to themselves for what was their last night together for several weeks.

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