Our lawn project -- 08/01/02

This is me working on where our lawn used to be... We dug up the old lawn... I rototilled the entire front yard... We added several yards of topsoil (to replace the dirt removed along with the old lawn and weeds and the many rocks we dug out of the yard) and bags of peatmoss and bags of cow manure and mixed it all in and leveled the ground and rolled it and filled in the dips and raked it and then rolled it some more. Many hours went into this (no, many days!). These first two pictures were taken on July 3rd, when a high temperature record set in 1949 was broken.

The picture on the right shows me raking the dirt to prepare it.

My son is rolling the ground to get a flat surface on which to lay the sod. (That drum is filled with water and is extremely heavy)

I ordered three thousand square feet of sod with half to be delivered on July 5th and half to be delivered on July 6th because the continued very hot weather meant we had to get the sod down quickly before it dried out.
Starting to lay the sod... We got three wooden pallets piled high with sod each day... the sod was in rolled up or folded strips about eighteen inches wide and six feet long.
At the end of the first day of laying sod... the half of the yard to the right of the driveway is done... and three strips of sod have been placed to the left of the driveway.
It all has to be kept thoroughly wet... Need to water it all day when you lay it and soak it everyday for the first week to ten days (then soak it twice a week, encourage the roots to go deep to find water)
This shows the right side of the driveway. The non-lawn area on the right side of the picture and the area around the boulder will planted with shrubs and flowers.
This view is from our backyard (that's the garage side of our house on the left) looking towards the front. Yes, you can see another big boulder on the right. (The dark shape past the boulder is a pile of topsoil waiting future use.)
That's a corner of my vegetable garden in the lower left... That end of the garden was usurped by my daughter... she mostly planted carrots and lettuce... but see those three tall thin stalks with the rounded blossoms on top... during the winter she spotted that one of my cooking onions was beginning to grow a small green shoot, so she planted it in a pot and placed it near a kitchen window, then in the spring she moved it out to the garden. (You can't see in this picture, but she did that with two or three other onions and a couple of potatoes as well.)

(See yesterday's entry for another view of the completed lawn.)

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