See my lawn -- 07/31/02

As near as I can figure out, our scanner's install CD had MGI PhotoSuite III SE on it (based on reading the manual... uh, no, I can't find the manual, I read it online at the Memorex site)... The company that makes and sells that product has a new and improved (ya da, ya da) version for a price... I could find MGI PhotoSuite III Family Edition at an online discount shop for $17.95 (plus $5.95 shipping). If it came down to it, I'd pay for something I already own (except nobody can find the CD) but I decided to check out ZDNet because they have lots of freeware and shareware for download. Sure enough, they had something... so one three and a half megabyte download later, I had FotoTime FotoAlbum 3.0.2.

The FotoTime software was able to recognize the scanner... and I scanned a couple of pictures to test it out. Sorry about the size -- one is 49k and the other is 67k -- but I've not had time to figure out how to use FotoTime to make them a little bit smaller. (I am working from home today and this was sort of my lunchtime project... it's a good thing I started working around six-thirty a.m. because I already lost a chunk of time in the morning taking Sean to his road test... yes, I now have a teenage male with a driver's license... details to follow in a future entry...)

Okay, here's a picture of my new lawn

I was standing just in front of our front porch -- that brown patch in the lower left corner is the area surrounding that boulder (which was shown here -- two small thumbnails in lower left corner of that page, hardly worth looking at but I've already put in the link so I'll leave it) -- that's the walkway from our driveway to the front porch steps on the right. That's my car on the right, parked in front of the garage because my side of the garage is filled with bicycles and trashcans and a wheelbarrow and a lawnmower, etc. That's my daughter's little Honda Civic at the foot of the driveway, hiding behind that tree.

Stefani recently showed a photo of a butterfly bush... so here's the butterfly bush Nancy planted near our back door.

When I get a chance I'll do an entry showing our lawn replacement project.

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