Happy Anniversary Adam & Leah -- 07/29/02

One year ago today Adam -- my first born -- and Leah were wed.

It was a beautiful wedding and they are a beautiful couple.

I wanted to post some pictures of our luxurious green lawn. Almost four weeks have gone by since we put down that sod -- three thousand square feet of sod -- and it has take root quite nicely.

We have a Memorex 6136u scanner drifting about the house. It was connected (USB) with what used to be the family computer before it migrated to Sean's room and became his computer. All of the software for the scanner was on his old hard drive, the one that doesn't work. An install CD? Yeah, once upon a time there was a CD with the various drivers and photo software on it... and doubtless it still exists somewhere, mixed in with CDs filled with MP3 files and who knows what else...

Jennifer took possession of the scanner and was using it on her computer... went to the Internet and downloaded drivers and software.

I have photographs of our lawn project -- both before and after shots -- and I set aside some time on Saturday morning to scan them. Well, I did successfully download and install the drivers... but I have no software to actually do the scanning. I ran out of time... and so this may have to wait until I can locate and download the software.

I bought a small digital camera at lunchtime today. No, not a three megapixel one, nor two megapixal... nope, not one megapixel... It is a cheap little thing that OfficeMax had on sale... $24.99... take instant ten dollars off that... and then there's a mail in rebate... so we're talkin under ten bucks for the camera, including batteries. This is the kind of thing that can serve as a webcam if you feel like posting small blurry pictures.

So when I got home from work I took a couple of pictures of the lawn, then hopped on my bike and rode along the bike path. I snapped a few pictures at various points... and then when I got to the end of the path I went to take a picture of the train station and the camera didn't beep when I pressed the sutter button... and then I realized that it made a rattling noise when I moved it. Yeah, the way I'd been holding it while riding the bike had pushed the battery compartment partway open so the batteries were out of place. No power, no memory, no pictures.

Okay, so I'll just close up the comparment and take pictures on my way back. Start with the train station, then take pictures along the way, and finally take some of the lawn.

After dinner I connected camera to computer and downloaded the dozen or so pictures I'd taken. None of them were any good, all streaky lines. I don't know what I could have done to make this precision electronic instrument mess up like that.

So... testing out the camera, I snapped some pictures of Nancy cleaning up the kitchen... small, blurry pictures. The second picture shows her reaction to my photography; she's holding a washcloth up in front of her face.

I'll keep playing with my toy... maybe I'll be able to get some small, blurry pictures of our lawn later this week. Maybe I'll even find the software I need for the scanner and scan in the photographs.

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