Without dieting or exercise -- 06/13/02

date weight total
03/29 204  
04/05 203  -1
04/12 201  -3
04/20 200  -4
04/26 199  -5
06/08 195 -9

Just checked my email and found an amazing offer:

As seen on NBC, CBS, CNN, and even Oprah! The health discovery that actually reverses aging while burning fat, without dieting or exercise! This proven discovery has even been reported on by the New England Journal of Medicine. Forget aging and dieting forever! And it's Guaranteed! Would you like to lose weight while you sleep! No dieting! No hunger pains! No Cravings! No strenuous exercise! Change your life forever! 100% GUARANTEED!

1.Body Fat Loss 82% improvement.
2.Wrinkle Reduction 61% improvement.
3.Energy Level 84% improvement.
4.Muscle Strength 88% improvement.
5.Sexual Potency 75% improvement.
6.Emotional Stability 67% improvement.
7.Memory 62% improvement.

What if it only improved my memory 45%? Oh, in that case I would probably not remember to ask for my money back, right?

You probably get the same deluge of SPAM that I do... weight loss quackery like the above to reduce the size of your body... or guaranteed methods of increasing the size of certain areas of the body... make five thousand dollars a week working part time from home... make millions by sending SPAM... get degrees from prestigious non-accredited colleges and universities... buy toner cartrtidges... buy life insurance, health insurance, stock and investment tips, refinance mortgages.... I won't even mention the hot coeds who want to let the world know that they just got a webcam and love to take their clothes off in front of it... I mean, besides all of the obvious garbage, I don't understand any of this... Who would ever choose to do business with any company that sends SPAM? That's the answer... that one gullible moron, that one in ten thousand... but if you send one hundred twenty thousand SPAMS you have located a dozen gullible morons.

I really get annoyed when they have the nerve to claim that this piece of garbage clogging my inbox isn't SPAM. For example, the creep who sent the above quoted diet SPAM claimed "I respect your privacy" and presented another lie: "You are receiving this message because you have either subscribed to one of my ffa-pages, newsletters or we have corresponded in the past." Yeah, except that any past correspondance would have just been previous SPAM they put out.

However, speaking of diet and exercise and such... I've not had my weight chart posted for the past few weeks but I've not stopped in my desire to drop some weight. I had managed to lose five pounds during the month or so leading up to my birthday... The rate of loss since then has been a bit slower, but I have lost another four pounds over the six weeks that have passed since then.

Going along with the weight loss has been an increase in fitness due to working out more regularly. During April I was just getting over the problem I'd had with pain in my left heel, but I was working out, especially during those two week when I was staying at the Hilton in Pittsburgh, making good use of their fitness center exercise bikes, stair-steppers and free weights. After that I began to run more, trying for three runs a week in the two to four mile range. I ran a 5k this past Saturday. Sunday Nancy and I rode several miles on our bikes and I did a light work out with weights. Monday I rode my bike again. Tuesday I got in a five mile run.

Last night I went to family run night on the URI campus -- sponsored by the YMCA and Camire's Running Soles (my local source of running shoes) -- it's a weekly event all summer -- opens with a one mile run around half-past six (which attracts lots of kids, then you have a choice of a five mile run or a three mile run (they're run simultaneously). Except last night it was raining between five and six... but then stopped... I got home from work about quarter past six... Sean had said in the morning that he wanted to run but as I was changing into my running clothes he decided that he was just too comfortable in front of his computer to get up and go running. When I got to the campus there were fewer than two dozen runners -- and only two kids, a pair of middle school aged girls. It was damp and a bit chilly, with the threat of more rain at any moment. The two young girls wanted to do the three mile run so a quick poll of the group indicated that nobody would particularly mind if we didn't run the mile. (Well, I had been planning on running the mile with Sean and thought that might be all I would do because of the five mile run on Tuesday and I had planned on doing four miles today, but it didn't matter that much to me.) There are two different three mile courses, one is flat and the other has a long steep hill. Usually they alternate from week to week and last night would have been the flat course but some people said that since the weather was so cool, it might be a good night to run the hilly course. So some of us (including me) decided to run the hilly three miler, others the flat one, and, of course, some would do the five mile run. Everyone starts together and finishes at the same spot as well. The timer calls out your time when you cross the finish line and it is your responsibility to write that time and you name and whether your ran the three mile or five mile course.

The only thing I didn't take into account (the meets started last week but I missed it because I was at work until past 8:30 that night) is that the university has just built a new gym (mostly for basketball), blocking the way we left the parking lot last year, and so the course had changed... and with so few runners, especially so few doing the hilly three mile course, we were strung out with considerable distance between runners... the turn-around point for the three mile run came just past the top of the hill... but the curve of the hill blocked my view of the guy in front of me doing a u-turn... so when he came back past me I didn't realize it was the same runner I had been following... so instead of doing the u-turn I made a right turn, following the old course... and as I passed what should have been about the halfway point I looked at my watch and saw that I had been running for sixteen minutes, too long a time for a mile and a half... and that's when I realized that the course we had followed around the gymnasium complex would have added a lot of distance to the run so to keep it at three miles they would have had to change the turn-around point... ah well, too late to do anything about it now but to keep on running... so I crossed the finish line in about thirty-two minutes but I had covered an extra two thirds of a mile. (So, what with a warm-up jog and running to my car and back to get a sweatshirt because a cold rain had started during the race, and running to my car to leave, I surely covered more than four miles.)

So now it's about seven p.m., I've just put dinner in the oven, Jennifer is asleep, Sean has three or four kids in his room doing computer game stuff, Nancy is napping (after an exhausting day trying to teach math to 8th-graders when there are only a few days left before summer vacation... plus she has been fighting a cold and sore throat the past couple of days)... so I don't even know if anyone will be interested in dinner when it's ready. I don't want to run today because of just having had two hard running days in a row. It's cold and cloudy and looks as if rain will begin at any moment and I'm wondering if I should take a chance on the rain holding off for a little bit longer and go for a bike ride or just call this a rest day. The rest day is sounding pretty good... maybe get up and go for a run in the morning before work... unless, of course, it's raining in the morning... ah well, I do have a treadmill and a weight bench...

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