Happy Birthday to Me -- 04/29/02
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Another birthday is here....

But didn't I just have one? Oh, that was last year...

But it seems as if I had just turned 10 and needed two digits to write my age... had just turned thirteen and could say I was a teenager... had just turned eighteen and could now legally walk into a bar and have a beer (New York State in 1961)... scarcely turned around and I turned twenty and was no longer a teenager and I was twenty-one and could vote (and started a long tradition -- broken only once -- of never voting for the winner of a presidential election)... and then I was in my mid-twenties and then one day I hit the big Three-Oh (just imagine! Positively middle-aged!)

Yeah, you can see where this is going... that same ever-steeper slippery slope...

When I turned forty Nancy and Adam organized a small surprise party for me, inviting a group of friends over to my apartment.

The next thing I knew Nancy was hosting a surprise fiftieth birthday party for me. (Yeah, that's me, ever gullible, surprised by surprise parties... but it was a great party.) So here I am, nine years later, wondering how that number can possibly be right.

Yes, I know April 29, 1943 was fifty-nine years ago so that does make me fifty-nine years old... but it doesn't seem possible.

A few days ago Bonnie posted this:
      THE TRUTH IN 13 WORDS...
      Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened.

Oh yeah! Ain't it just the truth!

It's been a good day... I won't even complain about the rain because after such a dry winter, we really need the rain. Besides, I did go for a run in the rain (oh, okay, it was just a light drizzle when I ran)... So this was sort of a four day birthday celebration... seeing Our Town on Friday night with Jennifer, going to New York with Nancy and Sean to visit Adam and Leah on Saturday and Sunday... and then today, my birthday day, Nancy fixed dinner and after dinner I opened cards and presents and ate Boston Cream Pie... And tomorrow I'll celebrate again with my co-workers (we have ice cream cake whenever one of us has a birthday... mine was postponed until tomorrow because I had to leave early to day for a podiatrist appointment)

Oh, and speaking of Boston Cream Pie and ice cream cake and such... no, I didn't hit my goal of losing ten pounds in the month leading up to my birthday... but I'm not upset about that because it was a rather tough challenge... I am quite pleased to have lost five pounds... that's a good start... now I'll have to see if I can drop four or five more pounds in May and maybe do the same thing in June...

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