Catching up -- 04/24/02
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A full week has gone by since I posted here. Yeah, life has been kind of busy... Flew home from Pittsburgh late Friday afternoon... flight was on time, the rush hour peak had passed, got home a few minutes before seven. Nancy surprised me by cooking dinner (regular readers know that I do almost all of the food prep around here as well as the shopping)

Enough chores and tasks can build up during the week when you're just busy working; when you've been out of town all week, there can be a really long list of stuff to do. Thus, Saturday was a busy day, although I would be hard-pressed, now that we're all the way to Wednesday, to come up with a full list... just, you know, the usual stuff, grocery shopping and such... pick up something here, drop off something there... Picked up a lot of boneless chicken breasts... made sort of an Italian chicken thing on Saturday -- cook some cut up chicken, add zucchini and onion and celery and peppers and carrots and green beans -- all chopped up and sauteed with the chicken -- and some ground up tomatoes and some tomato paste -- cook -- season -- serve over pasta -- and on Sunday it was a chicken curry -- cut up chicken breast, quickly cook until beginning to brown, add chopped up onion and zucchini and celery, add some diced tomatoes, add a jar of curry sauce -- yeah, I cheated on that part -- serve with a salad made of cutup broccoli and celery and cucumber (inspired by a broccoli salad Bev wrote about a couple of weeks ago) and some pita bread (since I didn't have any Indian nan bread). Also cooked the remaining chicken breasts to have some cooked chicken available.

I had hoped to get in a run on Saturday but by the time I got around to it in late afternoon, it had begun to rain -- I hate to run in the rain -- it's awful running in the rain when you wear glasses -- no windshield wipers, no defogger -- and I'd probably trip and break my neck or get hit by a car if I tried to run without them. Yeah, I know, I've got a treadmill in the basement... but instead I got busy doing gardening, planting seeds (although I am probably pushing the season for some of them) and thinking that as soon as the rain stopped (it was really just a light drizzle by then) that I would go for a run but then I ran out of time for running 'cause I had to fix food. I spent a lot of time on Sunday doing yard work -- cutting tree branches, attacking thorny weeds, etc. until my back was killing me -- spent half an hour lying on my back on our bedroom floor, then got up and changed into running clothes and went out for a three and a half mile run.

I got to work about quarter past eight Monday and was very busy all day -- kept telling myself I would leave in time to get in a run but I didn't get out until after six, had to stop for gas on the way home, so it was almost seven by the time I got home and I was still tired from Sunday...

Tuesday was just about the same story with work... when I got home Nancy was off playing tennis (town recreation league), Sean was watching television with friends and had just created some do-it-yourself calzones (he thawed some frozen pizza shells, covered half with pasta sauce, cheese, chopped up meatballs and probably a couple other ingredients, folded other half over, wrapped in aluminum foil and put them in the oven); he claims they were good. I had shopping to do so I tossed some chicken on a roll for a quick sandwich then headed off to Ames discount store -- that's a northeastern chain, makes WalMart seem really upscale -- 'cause I needed to pick up a pair of jeans and didn't feel like paying a fortune, had a list of stuff Nancy wanted me to check out and Sean had asked for some AAA batteries and some sleeveless undershirts (well, actually, what he asked for was "some beaters")... I got Sean a pack of white undershirts and then noticed that they were having a sale on various colors so I grabbed a black and a gray and a blue into my shopping cart. I think I've mentioned this before -- Tuesdays are geezer days -- if you are fifty-five or over you get an extra ten percent off everything, even sale prices -- so they got my business and I saved an extra eight bucks or nine bucks. I tend to buy most of my groceries in Shaws but there's a Super Stop & Shop in the same plaza as Ames, so I grabbed some groceries next. It was almost ten p.m. by the time I got home... Nancy and I were both hungry so I fixed bagels and eggs, then woke Jennifer up so she could go to work. (Yeah, she really has an upside-down schedule.)

Today... well, I had thought about a workout this morning but fixing a pot of coffee and making breakfast and lunches for me and Nancy took about all of the concentration and energy I had. Gee, fourteen and fifteen years ago or so I used to go out for runs around five-thirty in the morning around three times a week. Hmmm, maybe I'm not quite as young as I was then? [I had a podiatrist appointment today but I had screwed up and wrote in my DayRunner as being tomorrow, then saw the appointment card on my dresser when I got home. Rats!] But today I left work around quarter past five, determined to go for a run, and was home before six o'clock but was already dragging as I came in the house and kind of kicked off my shoes and began to run out of determination. Nancy said that she was hungry so I fixed dinner (steamed asparagus and broccoli, some whole wheat spaghetti, leftover chicken breast in a sauce made of cream of chicken soup, some white wine, a bit of lemon juice, some spices... put past on plate, verges around the pile of pasta, pour the chicken and sauce over the pasta and the veggies, squeeze a little lemon juice over it.)... don't know what to call it, just using up leftover chicken. Tasted good.

I told myself that later on I would run on the treadmill and lift some weights... but after cleaning the kitchen, I got involved in doing some laundry and booted up my ThinkPad and was doing some work and then started writing this... and now if I hurry up I can get this posted to my webpage and send out a notify email and get to bed by eleven..

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