Summer in the city -- 04/17/02
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Hot town! Summer in the city, back of my neck gettin' dirty and gritty...


So we had a few pleasant spring days and then a few days of being a bit chilly and on Sunday I flew to Pittsburgh and Monday was a bit damp and cool... and Tuesday was like summer and there was more summer today and I think the forecast is for more summer on Thursday. Rain and thunderstorms were in this morning's forecast for Friday (naturally, it's late Friday afternoon that I'm flying home).

Market Square was just thronged with people yesterday and today... It's summer! In the city!.

Okay, I promise I'll stop singing.

Friday night was Sean's Junior Prom... yeah, the whole nine yards, tuxedo and limousine... His date was a social friend, not a romantic girlfriend (actually, since he invited her to the dance he took up with a different girl, broke up with her, and now is seeing another one)... His prom date is only fifteen with a very protective mother; she had to meet both Sean and me before she would give her daughter permission to go to the prom. They did make a nice looking couple... As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Sean has turned into quite a good looking young man... a muscled football player build... with his hair trimmed and combed, his beard neatly trimmed into goatee and mustache (and the rest of his face clean-shaven)... he looks really sharp in a tux. A lot of kids look kind of silly, like little kids playing grown-up in parent's clothing, but he looks quite comfortable dressed up. (Naturally they stopped here a bit past midnight so he could change from tux to shorts and t-shirt for post-prom parties.) Five couples split the cost of a white stretch limo. (Yeah, I took pictures... still in the camera on my desk back home... I'll get them processed next week and see if one came out clear enough to post here.)

He delivered his date home around three a.m..... and then he stopped here with three carloads of kids around five a.m.... I got up to feed the cat and say "hi" to them (uh, yes, and to check that none of them were high... part of being a parent)... This was just a brief stop... as soon as there was a suggestion of pink on the horizon they were off to a beach for sunrise... and then to someone else's house for a huge breakfast. He finally got home around 10:30... and then we had to drive into town to return his tux... and he then decided to stay awake until evening.

Right after lunch Nancy and I had to hop into my car for a drive over to the other end of Connecticut (about 280 miles round trip) for a surprise 50th birthday party for her sister Susie. It was a good gathering... all of the brothers and sisters were there (Nancy's one of ten) plus a number of spouses and significant-others and a bunch of kids (and one of them is married and has two kids)... Got back home around eleven p.m.... Sunday morning have a massive battle with TurboTax, pack my suitcase at the last minute and dash off to the airport for my flight to Pittsburgh.

In my entry for March 29th I said that I really wanted to lose ten pounds by my birthday (which was a month away) and that I probably should post results here because that seemed to have helped me along last year.... So that explains the little weight loss chart in the left margin... Unfortunately, at this rate I'm not going to be make that overly ambitious goal by April 29th... but this is really just a start at getting myself in shape... I'd really like to be in the 180 - 185 range by July.

My podiatrist adjusted the custom orthotics she had prescribed, making them much more comfortable to wear. She told me not to worry about my heel, that I could run without hurting it... not that it wouldn't hurt, mind you, but that I wouldn't be doing any damage to it... and if it should prove to be too painful, just take a week or so off from running... So I did run three and a half miles last Thursday... which was a struggle after such a long time of not running (and my heel hurt that night)... Riding my bike helps, but it doesn't provide that much running benefit. As you may have guessed, Saturday and Sunday were just too busy to get in any workout... However, the Hilton has a good fitness center and on Monday and Tuesday evenings (after staying in the classroom both days until 6:30) I got really good workouts -- exercise bike, stair-stepper, handweights... and last night I also threw in a mile and a half on the treadmill without pain. Left the classroom at 5:30 today, but went out to dinner with some of the students... showed them where to find the Lemon Grass Cafe (Thai and Cambodian food... and one of them was originally from Cambodia)... came back to the hotel too full for a workout... went online and worked through my work email (that stuff can pile up when you let it go all day), talked with Nancy on the phone, read some reading for work... and now it's almost ten pm and I'm trying to decide if I should go down and workout now or if I should go to sleep and workout in the morning instead. Heck, I could even workout now and in the morning...but what I think I'll do is workout now and upload this entry first thing in the morning.

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