A one month goal -- 03/29/02

I'm setting myself a goal -- to make a serious beginning at getting back into shape.

Yes, once again...

I came into December at around 196 pounds... and then I gained a little over the holiday period... but I began January with a determination to get into shape, to increase my running mileage, to set up a program with weights, and to reduce my weight.... And then I didn't feel well, something I attribute to a reaction to that infection and inflamation with the tooth I had to have removed several weeks ago... and I felt better after that and began getting in a few miles and ran in that 5k at the beginning of March, but then developed a severe pain in my right heel... and have only run twice since then, each time thinking that the heel was better and ran without a problem but then could barely walk the next day... The result of all of that is that I haven't been getting in proper workouts nor have I reduced my weight... in fact, I've put on even more weight...

I am one month away from my birthday. (If I were embedding .wav files in this entry, I'd insert a scream of horror right here.) I now weigh 204 pounds.

So... what I would like to do is see if I can take off ten pounds by my birthday. Apparently the only way I seem to succeed at such efforts is to post my results here for all to see... well... that worked the last couple of times I did it...

The biggest problem with this is that I can't run... or, rather, I can run just fine but am limping that night and the next morning have a lot of pain in my heel, can't put any weight on it when I first get out of bed. My new orthotics seemed to have done a great job in relieving the pain from my bunion... Why don't I see a doctor? Well, I have had an appointment with my podiatrist scheduled for this coming Thursday to see how the orthotics were working and I figured that would be a good time to consider my heel (unless, of course, it manages to heal itself before then)... but now I have to reschedule that appointment because I have to go to Pittsburgh and won't be back until Thursday night.

Since I apparently won't be able to run for a while, I'm going to have to find other ways of getting exercise... This past weekend I went for an eight mile bike ride and that felt pretty good... and I managed to get in four miles at twilight one night this week... I had been hoping (when I began this entry at lunchtime) to get in a bike ride after work today, but by the time I got out of work and stopped to pick up some fish (and a bunch of other groceries) on the way home, I didn't get home until around seven o'clock and by then it was too dark. However, I should be able to manage bike rides on Saturday and Sunday and maybe lift some weights too.

I've got to get busy with this, Stefani and Bev and are really outdoing me with weight loss and exercise. (Yeah, Nance has lost 103 pounds thanks to her surgery... but I don't think she wants any links to her page since she password-protected it.)

Dinner was fresh cod with sliced almonds; zuchini and red and green peppers and onions and snow peas sauteed in a little olive oil and then a little marsala wine and lemon juice added, served on a bed of lemon pepper linquini; also with some crusty Italian bread and some pino grigio.

Hmmm, love to cook, love to eat... Wonder why I keep having problems with weight gain?

This entry started during lunch time at work and completed after an after dinner movie... Michael Douglas in Don't Say a Word (an entertaining rental, some huge holes in the plot but it moves along quickly enough and with enough suspense that you don't really worry about that until it's over). And since we didn't start the movie until after nine-thirty, I'm actually typing this past midnight... and I think I'm just going to go to bed and post this entry in the morning.

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