Groundhog Day -- 02/02/02

I like today's date -- oh two, oh two, oh two.

Yeah, I guess I'm easily amused.

Today is Groundhog Day -- I suppose due to that Bill Murray movie of a few years ago, people around the world now know about Groundhog Day. Now of course in the world of real life wildlife, no self-respecting groundhog (or woodchuck as we called them where I grew up) would bother to wake up from his winter hibernation on February 2nd just to see if there was enough sunlight to cast a shadow.

I took Sean and one of his buddies to the auto show in Providence this afternoon. Turn two sixteen year old boys loose in a convention center filled with new automobiles... they had a good time. What I found most interesting was one of their key criteria for judging cars: the amount of room in the trunk for installing powerful amplifiers and speakers. We left the auto show about ten minutes too late... so we were exiting from the parking garage just as a Providence College basketball game ended at the Civic Center (Convention Center and Civic Center are neighbors)... we were the third car back from a stop sign next to the Civic Center.... took us more than fifteen minutes before we could actually get out of the side street... then a few blocks later we hit gridlock... stuck through three green light cycles unable to move because our way was blocked by crossing traffic (Yes, there are some true morons on the road!), finally made it across the intersection on the fourth green light, squeezing between the cross traffic... Altogether it took us forty minutes to make it from the parking ramp to the I-95 on ramp, about three quarters of a mile.

Tomorrow is Nancy's birthday. (Which birthday? Why twenty-nine, of course... she liked turning 29 so much the first time it happened that she decided to turn 29 again the next year... and the next, etc. *grin*) We celebrated this evening at her mother's house. There were enough people there to justify setting up a second table. Nancy and Jennifer and Sean and myself... plus Nancy's mom... plus her sister Janet and her husband and their two teenage daughters and twenty-something son and his girlfriend... and Nancy's sister Sue and her husband and son... and her sister Karen... and her sister Clara and her daughter. (And she has five siblings who were not there... I've told you, she comes from a large family.) As usual, it was a laughter-filled evening.

Tomorrow we have a date to see The Fellowship of the Ring. We've wanted to see it since it first opened, kept hoping it would make it to one of the local cinemas but the Showcase Cinema chain seems to have a lock on it for Rhode Island showings...

February 3rd post script: we saw The Fellowship of the Ring this afternoon. Awesome movie! Wonderful casting, incredible special effects, the Shire is beautiful. Now we have to wait until the end of the year for the second movie. Don't wait... go see The Fellowship of the Ring now with full theatrical sound. (But visit a restroom before the movie starts: it's almost three hours long and you won't want to miss a minute.)

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