Adam and Leah's Wedding -- 07/29/01

Adam and Leah were married on Sunday, July 29th, at the Fontainebleau Inn on Lake Kayuta (in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York) -- the central portion of the inn was built in 1814 and the wing on the left in the picture below was added in the 1850's. The bride and groom designed their own ceremony and, instead of a traditional wedding party they were attended solely by Madeline, Leah's four and a half year old niece. The official officiating was performed by a long-time family friend.

A long sweep of lawn leads down from the inn to where the ceremony took place on the shore of the lake.

A string quartet, the Finger Lakes Strings, played as friends and family took their seats and then Madeline made that long walk down the lawn, strewing flower petals.

Adam and Leah walked down together.

The father of the groom (me) and Miriam Brody, mother of the bride, spoke briefly during the ceremony.

Leah and Adam each spoke their vows and each placed a ring on the other's finger as token of those vows.

And then Adam and Madeline and Leah walked hand-in-hand back up the hill.

An hors d'oevres and wine reception followed the ceremony, which was then followed by a dinner and four hours of dancing (music supplied by DJ Jorges -- whose URL I seem to have lost) with an open mike for friends and family to offer toasts, anectdotes, sage advice and loving best wishes. The seating arrangements were also notable: instead of numbered tables, each table was named after an author (ranging from Jane Austin to Mickey Spillaine, decorated with a picture of the author and a love or marriage related quotation from their writings -- guests found their table based on bookmarks bearing their name and the author's name), and instead of a head table, etc., there was a parents table, an aunts and uncles table, several tables for friends... and the bride and groom shared a table with their brothers and sisters (and spouses).

The newlyweds.

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