Bonnie's Question -- 07/11/00

Bonnie, a journal writer from Texas whose site I have come to visit regularly, posed a question in her entry for this past Sunday and invited reader responses (which she has added to that entry.) Naturally Big Mouth Me had to submit my two cents worth of opinion.

I don't normally rant too much in these pages. (Oh, yeah, well I guess I do sometimes.) I do sometimes post to various forums attached to journals (like Pamie and Jen Wade and ms_e and Piper Dane and Meghan and I think maybe Sasha.... whew, that's actually a lot of places... It's no wonder that I tend to post more words on other people's sites than on my own.) I also, from time to time, have been known to post into discussions at Intellectual Capital...

A few years ago (my goodness, I guess I mean in '94 thru early '96) I had AOL and would sometimes get involved in chat room discussions but gave up on that because everything seemed to get dragged down to the lowest levels of vituperation. The same applies to too many online discussion areas; every discussion becomes a flame war. One of the nice things about the journals I mentioned is that the forums belong to the journalers so there there is someone in charge.

Had a quiet Sunday. Nancy got back from her trip in the early afternoon so we had time to spend a couple hours wandering around at the annual Wickford Arts Festival. Wickford is an archetype of a small New England village -- many nicely restored old buildings -- if anything, it is almost too self-conscious about being an idealized model. The arts festival has been held for years and years, attracting hundreds of artists. Very nice.

Monday was college orientation time... Jennifer had to go to school for a two day Freshman Orientation (grumble, grumble, how come I've got to go and stay overnight, I'm going to be a commuter student, grumble, grumble) and I was scheduled for Parental Orientation on Monday... So I drove us to campus (about 33 miles and 50 minutes... but that was 'cause we got there before the morning rush hour traffic got too heavy) where she went off to her orientation and I went to mine. My return trip took about the same amount of time, but I left around three o'clock in the afternoon, before evening rush hour began. I have to pick her up around four-thirty this afternoon and we will get to experience the height of the after work rush hour traffic.

Went for a six mile run yesterday. I was dragging a bit in the fourth mile... legs still tired from Saturday's six plus lack of sleep and a lot of walking around campus and summer heat... but I picked up a bit toward the end. I think I will sign up for that ten mile race coming up two weeks from Friday... I can always walk part of it... [A friend of mine says he almost always walks for a little while in his weekly long run... of course he's an ultra-marathoner and his long run is fifty miles!]

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