Workout Watch

I've been trying to workout on a regular basis... Sunday was pretty much a no workout day... Monday -- hiked up a mountain (and back down) so that was a pretty good workout... Tuesday -- spent a few hours strolling around the Catskill Game Farm, not exactly an aerobic workout, but it did burn more calories than sitting in front of a computer... Wednesday -- ran four miles... Last night I ran five miles... Today, well, haven't done anything yet, but I anticipate getting in two or three miles before dinner...

As for weight loss... well, I didn't do much in the way of dieting last week (going out to dinner for our anniversary) and Monday night I ate a lot of Chinese take-out plus three bottles of Bass Ale... but other than those two nights I avoided pigging out and I've been pretty good since then... Wednesday night I weighed 205, which is down one pound from the 206 mark of one week earlier.

Some Interesting Links -- 06/30/00

This isn't quite meant as a weblog, just a list of a few Internet sites that contain interesting and/or amusing content.

  • Microsoft's Terraserver page... see what your neighborhood looks like from outer space (well, if you live in the United States or a few scattered locations in Europe, fewer spots in Asia, and two places in Australia)
  • Laff.Net... collection of jokes, etc... read them here before you receive a forward of a forward of a forward in e-mail from somebody in your office...
  • Measuring Units Conversion site... metric conversions for length, volume, weight, area, temperature...
  • Gibson Research... info about Internet privacy concerns, protection from hackers, etc. Test your system's security. Lots of good info.
  • How long will you live? Answer the health and lifestyle questions and find out...
  • Cool Robot of the Week A NASA page containing links to robotics-related websites...
  • Constructor an animated stick figure creature... a two dimensional universe and you can set the parameters...
  • Babelfish Translation site translates from one language to another... either text you type in or a website... (English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish; also from those languages to English and Russian to English; also French to German and German to French)
  • Gallery of Obscure Patents Yes, somebody actually invented this stuff and received patents!
  • And You Call Yourself a Scientist! A site dedicated to science fiction, horror and fantasy films... contains reviews, news, and a delightful collection of bad dialogue, etc.
And, of course, I have a page listing a wide variety of useful and interesting websites.

Another random note: Carly Simon, Little Eva and Deborah Harry all celebrate double nickel birthdays this week, all three vocalists hit age 55.

Obviously I cannot seem to concentrate on writing today... mind wandering... Four day holiday weekend about to arrive... The Tall Ships are visiting Rhode Island this weekend... I could see one of them anchored just off Goat Island as I came across the bridge this morning but I've been told that several are already here and many more expected. According to the news, as many as 250,000 people are expected to visit the Newport area this weekend to see the ships. I'm more interested in the 4th of July fireworks at Old Mountain Field in Wakefield. (I'm not saying that I'm not interested in the ships, just that I'd rather join 25,000 people to watch fireworks than to struggle in a crowd ten times that size attempting to find a good spot to catch a glimpse of sailing ships... I'm not much for big crowd scenes.)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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