Random babbling -- 01/16/00
I've got half a dozen things I'd like to write about -- a book I've just finished reading, the brainwashing propaganda that the Clinton administration is using our tax dollars as payolla to have secretly inserted in various network television programs (oh, but it's okay because even though it is illegal it is for a good cause, the "war" on drugs, yeah, right), and so on, lots of things to say and not much time available to say them.

Have the week's grocery shopping to do -- clipped coupons and made my list, just have to get the energy up to do it. Feeling very tired today, but I got a reasonable amount of sleep last night, between six and seven hours, which is much more than I usually get. Had a good (although frosty) run yesterday but can't seem to work up any enthusiasm for a workout today.

I seem to have difficulty in functioning efficiently on Sundays...

I've got counters set up and I can see that I do have a much higher number of hits (well, compared to last year, etc.), not huge numbers, but where I used to averages about eight-tenths of a visit per day *grin* I'm getting three, four, five hits a day. Don't know if this is due to the same group of friends/family who always used to visit once in a while ( but are doing it more often now since I've been updating daily) plus a bunch of "one shot" visits, or if some number of "first time" visitors are coming back for a second or third look. (Also wonder why I'm puting "quote" marks around so many words. Duh.)

The opening episode of the new season of The Sopranos is on tonight. I'm really looking forward to that.

I got a haircut yesterday... it had been getting really shaggy and disheveled looking. I've always tended to wear my hair longer than average. In high school I took to wearing it sort of juvenile delinquet D.A. style -- but early in my senior year I as heading off to a college interview and my guidance counselor persuaded me that I should get a more collegiate haircut so I ended up with a very nerdy flattop crewcut kind of thing -- only to find out upon my return from the interview that photographs for the yearbook were being taken the next week -- thus resulting in a dreadful picture in my senior yearbook that still bothers me almost forty years later. Wore long hair in college, and then even longer. At varous points have had shoulder length hair. I suppose I should drag out some pictures and put them up somewhere on this site, provide some amusement... A few years ago I took to growing my hair longer again, something about hitting fifty that can make an obnoxious person like me become even more independent and contrary.... was wearing my hair in a ponytail... my daughter's friends knew that they could always borrow spare ponytail ties from me... But my wife had decided to get another master's degree and when she finished it I asked her what she might want for a graduation present... her reply was "I want you to cut off that damned ponytail; I'm sick of looking like I'm going out with the neighborhood drug dealer!" So I cut off my ponytail.... For the past few years I've had my hair somewhat short for me although probably longer than average... recently I've been letting it get longer again... until yesterday it had been getting almost long enough to be able to tie up in a small short ponytail, but it was getting very unruly on the sides, flipping around in directions other than wanted... so I look somewhat more respectable today... also, I think, looking a bit younger because it doesn't show as much gray when it is shorter and also I've trimmed my beard really short again (and my beard is almost pure white but it's not as prominent when it is shorter)

Okay, I've got to get up off my butt and get to the supermarket and run a bunch of othe errands. Boy was this an empty entry!

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