1996-1999 Archives

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Sept 26th - Lunar Eclipse

Sept 27th - Attitude Adjustment

Sept 29th - Mosquito Coast

Sept 30th - Happy Birthday, Adam

Oct 6th - Not Enough Hours in a Day

Oct 11th - Friday Night in Suburbia

Oct 22/23 - Flying to England

Dec 28th - Installing Games

Dec 30th - Movie Comments

Dec 31st - New Years Eve


Jan 18th - Some Bookish Comments

Jan 22nd - Golden Oldies

Jan 23rd - Wrinkled Paper Background

Jan 23rd - Monster Trucking

March 9th - Traveling Down Under

March 16th - Running Down Under

March 22nd - They Really Do Say "G'day"

May 2nd - Circus, Circus

Dec 3rd - Remembering the early days of television


Jan 4th - New Year's Resolution?

Jan 13th - The Year 2000 Problem

Feb 14th - Valentine's Day

April 29th - Double Nickel

Sept 20th - A Trip to Vienna

Oct. 15th -Y2K Stuff

A Trip toMexico (Part One)

A Trip toMexico (Part Two)

A Trip toMexico (Part Three)


Aug. 20th - A New PC

Nov 10th - A Run on the Beach

Nov. 25th - The Newport Pie Run

Dec 1st - Learning Java in the Big Apple

Dec 30th - Thinking about this website

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